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Can Crafted

A Look Into the World of Street Art
Author: Search for this author Macelvaine, Brian (author)
Year: 2016
Media group: Buch


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"Can Crafted: A Look Into the World of Street Art" takes you on a photographic journey behind the scenes into the beautiful world of street art. "Can Crafted" first shows how one of the most important tools of a street artist, the spray can, is made by taking a look at how the Montana Colors Factory in Barcelona, Spain, manufactures their signature product. From there you then get to see how how six wonderfully talented artists from across Europe create their works of art from blank wall to completion. The artists, Mar from Portugal, Julieta from Spain, and Krishna, SPZero76, Philth, and N4T4 from the United Kingdom, are all part of a greater worldwide community of artists who look to the urban landscape for their canvasses, creating art for everyone to enjoy. Whether street art is something foreign to you or if you are already a fan, this book is a way to get a peek into the process that goes into making amazing works of art on the street.


Author: Search for this author Macelvaine, Brian (author)
Year: 2016
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ISBN: 978-0-9976013-0-5
ISBN (2nd): 978-0-9976-0130-5
Description: 320 S.
Tags: Cans, Graffiti, Street Art
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Language: Englisch
Media group: Buch