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Wall Elements

Author: Search for this author Partola, Alex (author)
Year: 2014
Media group: Buch


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Art Foundation and contemporary art gallery RuArts presents a unique project by Alex Partola “Wall Elements” – photo-almanac of Russian street-art, within the framework of Moscow Biennale of Street Art special program. The main aim of this book is to explain how graffiti-artist cooperates with galleries and museum institutions, integrating skills acquired in the streets into the strict academic space. According to Alex Partola, the very best 25 street artists from all over Russia took part in this project. Nikita K. Skryabin, a well-known Moscow artist, became a co-curator. As for Alex, this is his second project about graffiti culture. Before this, Partola produced the book “Ghosts in the machine”, which became the first manifesto-book in Russia devoted to Russian train-bombing, a guide to the world on the brink of underground art, vandalism and romanticism of railway. New project “Wall Elements”, as well as “Ghosts in the machine”, does what no one has ever done before for Russian graffiti – it fixes the meanings that street art of our age creates. Serafima Skibyk. Participants: Aber, Adno, Akue, Aske, Gera, Kio, Kreemos, Luka, Max13, Mednoy, Morik, Multi, Nootk, Petro, Remo, Robe, Scheme, Slak, Sugar18, Sy, Tomar, Trun, Vedro, Zmogk, ZukClub.


Author: Search for this author Partola, Alex (author)
Year: 2014
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ISBN: 9785990555129
Description: 168 S.
Tags: Graffiti, Graffito, Mural, Russland, Street Art, verschiedene Künstler
Participating parties: Search for this character Kirichenko, Valentina (translator)
Language: Deutsch
Media group: Buch