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Street Art, Book Art

Author: Search for this author Beazley, Ingrid (author)
Statement of Responsibility: Ingrid Beazley
Year: 2015
Media group: Buch


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Inspired by the success of the original show in Dulwich Outdoor Gallery, Ingrid Beazley commissioned fifteen of the artists represented there 2014;including SStik, Conor Harrington, Thierry Noir, RUN, Christiaan Nagel, and Mad C 2014;to produce a series of unique cover designs directly on copies of Street Art Fine Art that had been produced with blank covers. Street Art Book Art is a follow-up to Street Art Fine Art
Street Art, Book Art follows on from 2014's acclaimed Street Art, Fine Art--a collection of classic works of fine art reinterpreted by some of today's most cutting-edge street artists. Following the acclaimed publication of 2014's Street Art, Fine Art which documented the pioneering works and ethos of the Dulwich Outdoor Gallery project, 15 of the original 17 artists involved accepted the commission by its author and curator Ingrid Beazley to produce a series of unique artworks on copies of the book with blank covers. Some artists subverted the medium as a space to blend illustratively their style within the conventions of book design, some utilised the uniform shape to create a series of parallel works, whilst others approached the book as any other blank canvas presented to them on the street. Street Art, Book Art catalogues in full the exhibition of these works in June 2015, and serves as unique document of a diverse and fascinating series of approaches to a single blank space.


Author: Search for this author Beazley, Ingrid (author)
Statement of Responsibility: Ingrid Beazley
Year: 2015
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ISBN: 978-0-9568738-6-6
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Tags: Bucheinband, London, Streetart
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